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3F event space, Hiroshima Italian

MERI Principessa (meripurinchipessa)

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03-5524-5560 / lunch from 11:30 to 15:00 | Dinner from 17:30 to 23:00

The MERI Principessa shop

Delicious ingredients from Hiroshima are Italian leading Hiroshima

"Fish & Edajima bar Paccio" which had many visitors favor from TAU opening of 2012 was reborn as "MERI PRINCIPESSA GINZA".
Real Naples pizza which we could just eat for one coin 500 yen came to be able to provide proud Italian who made use of ingredients such as fresh fishery products, meat, vegetables, cheese which arrived from Hiroshima.
In calm atmosphere using "Bingo splashed pattern" (bingogasuri) which is traditional industrial art object of Hiroshima, please thoroughly enjoy Italian who is full of a feeling of Hiroshima.

MERI Principessa dish photograph
MERI Principessa dish photograph
MERI Principessa dish photograph

Visitor (information for store entrance) of MERI Principessa visit

[by 20:00 visitor of visit]

In Hiro Island brand shop TAU, we have approximately 150 kinds of liquor of shutokohiromeshima other than various thing articles for sale of Hiroshima, carp goods and Kumano makeup writing brush, industrial art object.
As you lead to the third-floor MERI Principessa on inner stairs from TAU entrance on the first floor, on visit, look at the first floor .2 floor relaxedly by all means.

[after 20:00 visitor of visit]

Front entrance of Hiro Island brand shop TAU cannot go in and out from 20:00 in total at store closing time of .2 floor on the first floor.
In the case of visit, you have you use elevator in MERI Principessa, and, after 20:00, please go up to the third floor.


Elevator: Guidance of place