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3F3F event space, Hiroshima Italian

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We sense "treasure" of Hiroshima bodily
We hold event to send "treasure" of Hiroshima to through "person, thing, thing" at any time. It is space where charm of "Hiroshima in Seto" is keenly aware of in relaxing event space attached to Italian bar while being in Tokyo.
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State of event
State of event
State of event

MERI Principessa (meripurinchipessa)

Phone number / business hours
03-5524-5560 / lunch from 11:30 to 15:00 | Dinner from 17:30 to 23:00
MERI Principessa dishes

Delicious ingredients from Hiroshima are Italian central Hiroshima

"Fish & Etajima bar Paccio" which had many customers favor from TAU opening of 2012 was reborn as "MERI PRINCIPESSA GINZA".

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