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2F shopping, information dispatch floor

Hiroshima liquor studio green

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03-5579-9952 / from 10:30 to 20:00

Hiroshima liquor studio green

Kept various famous sake of Hiroshima here; right "sake brewery."

Including sake which selected carefully of shutokohiromeshima, approximately 350 items form a line various types of liquor including wine, shochu and craft beer which arrived from winery of the prefecture north in a row.
It is in an abundance of selection of brand names including limited product which is available "only with green" from special dish letting liquor lover groan in space that is just looking, and becomes fun. As the staff explains in various ways if there is liquor to be worried about, please hear even anything casually.
In addition, please enjoy as there is paid sampling counter while tasting profundity of liquor of Hiroshima by all means.
Photograph in shop

Paid sampling counter

Photograph in shop
We establish exclusive counter which can sample liquor that the staff selected carefully for a fee. Please use by all means.
Paid sampling /1 cup 150 yen - 1,000 yen
(price varies according to kind of liquor.)

Let alone introduction of famous sake of Hiroshima, we are delivering today's sampling brand or arrival situation on Twitter!

Guidance including durability to B1F "distant sound close sound"

You bring liquor which had you purchase with "green" into dining "distant sound close sound" in B1F Seto in pay and can enjoy.
Specifically, please feel free to contact the staff.

[carry-on method]
  • "Corkage" (50% of sales price) is necessary.
  • You have liquor and receipt of purchase with green, and hand to the staff at the time of B1F "distant sound close sound" entering a shop.

    ※But "corkage" is from at least 1,000 yen.

    →When we bring in liquor of example) 1,000 yen by purchase
    It is 1,000 yen not 1,000 yen *50% = 500 yen.

With favorite liquor, please enjoy meal!

The photograph is for illustrative purposes only.