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1F TAU retail floor

1F TAU retail floor

Vigor in Seto and blessing and color

"Delicious thing" of Hiroshima among mountain and the seas gathers to all members!
We have "local taste" that calm climate brought up. Please enjoy rich ingredients of Hiroshima whom you did not know so far.

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  • Vegetables, fruit
  • Marine products, marine products artefact
  • Meat products
  • Dairy product
  • Seasoning of powder
  • Drink
  • Hiroshima famous confection
  • Sweets, cake
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  • The marine products, marine products artefact section

Product introduction

  • sanryosaka FromageDiscerning group, cheese from Hiroshima.

    sanryosaka Fromage which put love using pasturage goat's milk of homemade "mountainous district dairy farming" and fresh fresh milk in the town block, and was handcrafted.
    We send exquisite cheese that there are many fans in the whole country from the Hiroshima north.

  • kurimu Bakery We have been loved in Hiroshima from old days
    kodawarikurimu Bakery

    Founding 1933. Taste to eat "eight sanctuaries of God" in Mihara-shi nokurimu Bakery, and not to get tired of. Light taste is popular.

  • Handmade gelato 100% of gelato of Shimanami
    Taste of fruit

    We send handmade gelato which was particular about material and the manufacturing method including citruses from hometown from "dolce" of Setodacho, Onomichi-shi.

  • Momiji manju
    Many famous confection which Hiroshima is proud of including momiji manju

    Including "momiji manju which modelled lovely form of prefecture tree "maple"," please enjoy famous confection only in Hiroshima where you reached from excellent confectionery shop of the prefecture.

  • Adult sweets
    Using local famous sake is refined
    Adult sweets

    We let syrup of famous sake "Kamotsuru" of Saijo fully soak into sponge. It is adult sweet from "Andersen" smelling delicate of pure Chinese sake gently.

  • Citruses Citruses which is high in flavor to grow up by warm climate

    Citruses in Seto growing up in environment given the calm sea to in front. Above all, lemon is proud of the best amount of production in Japan. We have vitamin abundantly and are healthy! Please enjoy refreshing acidity and sweetness anytime.

  • Seafood

    It is not only oyster!
    Take Setouchi, and get; seafood

    Including "oyster to know," please thoroughly enjoy small sardine, conger eel and fresh seafood in Seto of fishing port direct shipment including sea bream.

    At end, we are carrying out fresh fish sale every week!

    At end, sale section of fresh fishery products which arrived is established every week by Hiroshima. Please appreciate seafood which is high in the freshness in Seto.

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