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1F retail floor, Hiroshima CAFE

1F retail floor, Hiroshima CAFE

Please discover new Hiroshima.
First "Hiroshima brand shop TAU" which provided "thing" and "thing" that Hiroshima varies in April, 2017 when reached spring of approximately five years from opening; was completely refurbished, and was reborn newly.
Let alone famous momiji manju, oyster, Hiroshima lemon in Seto, we send treasure of new Hiroshima that has not been known yet a lot nationwide.
1F floor map
Hit gourmet appears in sequence from here!
Place of seasonal gastrozooid omen of Hiroshima,
"Hiroshima CAFE."

In "Hiroshima CAFE," we donate various gourmets as place of seasonal gastrozooid omen of Hiroshima.
As you can eat newly made meal on the spot, please enjoy Hiroshima gourmet for a limited time appearing variously.
Hiroshima CAFE
Place where fresh fresh fish of the Seto Inland Sea reaches.
Hiroshima "seafood" in Seto
Other than sampling sale of fresh fish in Seto, we can purchase sashimi which had you handle fresh fish on the spot.
Hiroshima "seafood" in Seto

Handling product

State of 1F
  • Vegetables, fruit
  • Marine products, marine products artefact
  • Meat products
  • Dairy product
  • Seasoning of powder
  • Drink
  • Hiroshima famous confection
  • Sweets, cake
  • Juice & gelato
  • nado
The vegetables, fruit section
The marine products, marine products artefact section
The seasoning section of powder
The marine products, marine products artefact section

Product introduction

Three excellent slope Fromage

Discerning group, cheese from Hiroshima.
Three excellent slope Fromage which put love using pasturage goat's milk of homemade "mountainous district dairy farming" and fresh fresh milk in the town block, and was handcrafted.
We send exquisite cheese that there are many fans in the whole country from the Hiroshima north.

kurimu Bakery

We have been loved in Hiroshima from old days
kodawarikurimu Bakery

Founding 1933. Taste to eat "eight sanctuaries of God" in Mihara-shi nokurimu Bakery, and not to get tired of. Light taste is popular.

Handmade gelato

Gelato of Shimanami
Taste of 100% fruit

We send handmade gelato which was particular about material and the manufacturing method including citruses from hometown from "dolce" of Setodacho, Onomichi-shi.

Momiji manju

The number of famous confection which Hiroshima is proud of including momiji manju
Including "momiji manju which modelled lovely form of prefecture tree "maple"," please enjoy famous confection only by Hiroshima who reached from excellent confectionery shop of the prefecture.

Adult sweets

Using local famous sake is refined
Adult sweets

We let syrup of famous sake "Kamotsuru" of Saijo fully soak into sponge. It is adult sweet from "Andersen" smelling delicate of pure mijiu gently.


Citruses which is high in flavor to grow up by warm climate
Citruses in Seto brought up in environment given the calm sea to in front. Above all, lemon is proud of the best amount of production in Japan. We have vitamin abundantly and are healthy! Please enjoy refreshing acidity and sweetness anytime.

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Processed marine products, frozen foods, pickle Processed marine products, frozen foods, pickle Liquor, frozen foods including retort pouch, okonomiyaki Seasoning, miso, noodles Drink Dry matter, delicacy Cake, carp Sweets dessert, Hiroshima famous confection Sweets dessert, Hiroshima famous confection Fruit, vegetables Crepe fresh fish corner Hiroshima CAFE