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Movie holds panel exhibition, fair in "corner of this world"

From February 13, 2017 to February 24, 2017

Animation movie ... about Hiroshima, Kure under ... 1945 wartime

Movie holds panel exhibition, fair in "corner of this world"!

In much-talked-about animation movie "corner of this world" where we described daily life of people who surrounded heroine "bell" who was going to live forward while losing important thing on the stage of Hiroshima, Kure under the wartime in 1945 and her in lively.
We hold fair that attracted panel exhibition and products concerned in TAU during period on Friday for from Monday, February 13 to 24th.
Please give me etsu by all means in TAU at this opportunity.


From Monday, February 13, 2017 to 24th Friday

Main contents

Panel exhibition

We display panel which cut the one scene of movie
@Hiroshima brand shop TAU1 ... the second floor stairs special corner


Movie brochure and clear file, calendar, limited movie label product of Senpuku
@Hiroshima brand shop TAU1 floor, special section on the second floor

It is nitsuite in movie "corner of this world"

Movie which made the original of Fumiyo of was known in "countries of town cherry tree of evening calm", asking into anime.
Heroine "bell" who was born and raised by Ichie Hiroshima wave on the stage of wartime Hiroshima-shi, Kure-shi in 1945, and would marry family in Kure-shi at 18 years old of the war damage run after figure which is going to live hard while become intense.
The original: Fumiyo (in "corner of this world" Futaba Corporation) of asking
Supervision, script: Sunao Katabuchi
Production: It is production Committee in "corner of this world"
Formal HP: http://konosekai.jp