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We hold "Higashi Hiro Island liquor Festival in Ginza"!

August 5, 2017

We hold "Higashi Hiro Island liquor Festival in Ginza" in TAU!

Oldness of rough sea, liquor dokoro "Saijo" eminent Japan along with Fushimi and Hiroshima chief brewer and Higashihiroshima-shi, Hiroshima with "Akitsu" hold "Higashi Hiro island liquor festival in Ginza" in event space of TAU3 floor on Saturday, August 5.
By event, you can enjoy Hiroshima chief brewer talk show other than competition for drink of liquor of Higashihiroshima-shi.
At this opportunity, please enjoy liquor of liquor dokoro Higashihiroshima!

Saturday, August 5, 2017 from 14:30 to 18:30

Hiro Island brand shop TAU3 floor event space

Event contents
①We compare by drinking "liquor of Higashihiroshima"
Contents / liquor five cups + snacks plate
Is going to participate; sake brewery /
Kamotsuru (string) brewing, Fukumi person (beautiful woman boiling over) brewing, white peony (peony to vomit) brewing,
Saijo crane (saijotsuru) brewing, Kamo spring (Izumi) brewing, Sanyo crane (sanyotsuru) brewing,
Tortoise age (beautiful) brewing, Konko (kanemitsu) brewing, Imada (yet) brewing main store, pattern (arrive) brewing
②Hiroshima chief brewer talk show
Time /15:00 .16:00.17 00.18:00 (each time around 30 minutes):

Admission (ticket)
1,700 yen 
※300 pieces of first arrival-limited 
※Admission ticket is necessary to have you participate in event

Ticketing place
○We begin to sell on Hiro Island brand shop TAU the second floor Hiroshima liquor studio "green" ⇒ Monday, July 10
○We accept WEB to begin to sell on ticket Pia [P cord 636-312] ⇒ Wednesday, July 5

Contact information
Higashihiroshima-shi industry department commerce sightseeing charging talk: 082-420-0941 FAX: 082-422-5805

Rate 1,700 yen