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About TAU product

From special dish which it is already evaluated in TAU by all of you of the whole country, and is got close to, the nationwide popularity gathers selected articles to be able to tell about charm of Hiroshima of "genuine article" including local pride product loved among citizens of Hiroshima of thing which there is not and new product which potence is rich in and precious product which we originally got only in Hiroshima and provides.
Please come across various "treasure" which Hiroshima is proud of in TAU.

Main handling product

※Publication product becomes an example in all handling products.
※We handle many products as well as publication product at store (all 1,500 items).
※We are going to expand publication information at any time in future.
※Specifically, please refer.

Introduction of main product

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When look for product of Hiroshima brand from straight production center; this
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