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Carp goods are available in 2017.

Carp goods are available in 2017!

Carp goods are available in TAU in 2017 whether it is all of you waiting.
Carp goods received this time become cap, towel, bag, kung fu bad, Japanese towel.
As we sell in the TAU2 floor carp goods section, we look forward to visit of carp fans.

The beginning to sell date and time
Saturday, February 4, 2017 10:30 ...

Sale place
The TAU2 floor carp goods section

※As the number of the products is limited, in the case of sellout, thank you for your understanding.
※Please note that you do not have reservation, hold with telephone on Saturday, February 4 when it is the first day of the sale.
※When it is crowded, we may distribute rearranging ticket.
※The arrival of uniform of new uniform number is undecided.