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We announce "gambarou Hiroshima" TAU reward card present elected candidate! I send special product related to Etajima-shi in January!

Thank you for always using Hiroshima brand shop TAU.
Targeting at TAU reward card member who was bought more than 1,000 yen once a month in TAU, we give one person wonderful special product of each Hiroshima prefecture municipality by lot.
Elected candidate of (January, 2019) is customer of "card No. 936" this month.
We will give special product related to Etajima-shi by the end of the month and, toward the elected candidate, do.
It will be special product of Kumano-cho next month. Please expect.

Presented special product related to Etajima-shi is this

It is this about TAU reward card

※About Etajima-shi
It is island proud of size of 4, Utsumi, Seto joint floating in the south of Hiroshima-shi, Gulf of Hiroshima.
It becomes base of the naval officer training since Naval Academy moved in the Meiji era from Tokyo and becomes Marine Self Defense Force first technical school and officer candidate school now. To education reference building in the yard, approximately 16,000 points of documents of old navy relations are saved, and approximately 1,000 points are displayed soon. In addition, we can look at building of former Naval Academy Era.
In addition, we can taste oyster which is fresh in seasonal winter at production center of eminent oyster in the whole country, and enjoy mandarin orange hunting, hot spring or cycling, and Etajima olives factory where the sixth is industrial, and approach, all can enjoy olives from Etajima for (production, processing, sale) of olives is completed, and it is "island where we give, and there is many" (megumitashima) Etajima recently.
Owner from Etajima stocks seasonal ingredients from local producer, and Hiroshima Italian MERI Principessa (meripurinchipessa) of TAU3 floor is reasonable, and it can taste rich menu using fresh fish, vegetables, oyster

Sightseeing (Etajima-shi tourist association) http://etajima-kankou.jp/ of Etajima-shi
Etajima olives factory http://www.hiroshima-olive.jp/​​

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