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It is decided, and area-limited beer sells "toast to Ichiban Shibori Hiroshima" release from Tuesday, July 18.

To "Ichiban Shibori Hiroshima local pride that hometown, Hiroshima talks about toast", and was born is special Ichiban Shibori clogged up.
Of the area-limited release to "Ichiban Shibori Hiroshima it was decided that sold toast" in TAU.
In "Ichiban Shibori Hiroshima, using rice from Hiroshima as for the toast", straight taste is drawn by the Ichiban Shibori manufacturing method clearly.
Red that image color of package imaged Miyajima.
Please enjoy taste that only hometown, Hiroshima can taste.
Come to TAU by all means at this opportunity.

Sale date
Tuesday, July 18

Sales price
280 yen (tax-included) [canned 350 ml]

Sale place
The second-floor Hiroshima liquor studio "green"