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It is About "TAU" Product Handling about the "TAU" product handling

About inquiries such as the product handling of Hiroshima brand shop TAU

We accept about offer of product at any time.

Apply for person wanting the product handling after checking product handling basic policy.

Product handling basic policy

Application style

In application style, it is style A: It is (processed food, miscellaneous goods) and style B other than agriculture and forestry marine product: There are two kinds of agriculture and forestry marine product. Please see the following attached file.

※ About sample product, please note that you do not send back.
When you have any questions about food indication, you performed consultation and confirmation, and please apply to related organizations.

<reference> Reference [pdf: 309KB] about food indication

Other than style A agriculture and forestry marine product mention example of style A [XLSX: 38KB]

Mention example of style B agriculture and forestry marine product and style B [XLS: 38KB]

Please see this about test marketing that there is in style A. [PDF: 314KB]

Application, inquiry

Reference about the product handling

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