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Held news of "gambarou Hiroshima" Hiroshima Akitakata noh dance eighth Tokyo performance

We download flyer in click (PDF, 2.6MB)

Holding of Hiroshima Akitakata noh dance eighth Tokyo performance (original Tagami orchestra)!

Have you watched "Hiroshima Akitakata noh dance?"
The grandeur is similar to European operetta, and the sense of speed is like Broadway musical (we take pride).
We guide to heroic music, gorgeous clothes, noh dance world more than your imagination including story constitution.
In addition, there are "both try-on experience of noh dance clothes and Akitakata-shi product exhibition" to be able to do by holding at the same time.
Come to sense noh dance of Hiroshima bodily by all means!

■The date and time: Saturday, January 19, 2019

■Place: Nikkei hall (1-3-7, Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Nikkei Building)

■Appearance: Hiroshima immaterial folk cultural assets designation Harada enlarged rooms on the second floor group (Akitakata-shi, Hiroshima)

[Part 1] Venue 13:30 - / start from 14:00 to 16:00
1 program: Station sakurainoeki - father and son of Sakurai, last parting story ...
2 programs: Condensation ... plentiful by charm of excursion for viewing scarlet maple leaves momijigari - noh dance

[Part 2] Venue 17:00 - / start from 17:30 to 19:30
1 program: Grand finale ... which cover Mount Oe, and gives glory to the last of mountain - superman mind program
2 programs: Hero appearance ... of eight Gifu Univ. snake yamatanoorochi - myths

■Sponsorship: Hiroshima Akitakata metropolis promotion executive committee

■About other details
Look at HP of Akitakata-shi.

■About Akitakata-shi
Popular developed for carefree traditional arts while being said that we were informed noh dance of Akitakata-shi in the Edo era, and being affected by neighboring local noh dances and farmer faith.
There is 22 noh dances group in the city and we repeat exercises every day and polish the skill even now.
In late years popularity increases from the force and drama-related height, and noh dance performance is carried out in each place, too.
Performance is performed on the weekend in every exclusive facility in "noh dance door front hot spring cure village" in Akitakata-shi in particular and becomes popular.
In addition, Akitakata-shi is famous as land where Motonari Mouri spent the life.
There are many historic spots related to Mori, and, including Koriyama castle trace which was base castle of Mori, there remains, and the city can trace footprint for the age of civil strife.

■About sightseeing of Akitakata-shi
Sightseeing in Akitakata-shi navigator (Akitakata-shi tourist association)
Noh dance door front hot spring cure village

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