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Hiroshima of ... "we" is the most interesting about opening of SNS "daily publication us" under prefectural management in Japan! ...

It is the first among the whole country? SNS "daily publication we" under prefectural management opened of this today (October 24)!
Of all "Hiroshima people" having attachment to Hiroshima as well as citizen of the prefecture
It is tameno, local limited original SNS.
Here, we introduce some charm.

 ○Topic only Hiroshima
We can post interesting thing, charm of Hiroshima that oneself found in anything casually.
We find good place of Hiroshima that we did not know until now, and let's swell noisily each other!

○There is daily publication we editorial department
Editorial department where existence itself is rare in SNS. Including DJ of editor and radio of town information magazine, six well-informed people of Hiroshima totally pick up contribution of general user like personality of radio. It is easy to read and makes "summary article" and spreads!

○Functions only by others "us" are varied
・We can make article to introduce contribution of other users to by "summary" of article function
・Contribution of unknown user comes up at random and, in "we ndamu," helps with interchange between people from Hiroshima
・We are updated three times a day and, in "we nkingu," can give local hot information once-over

How would about? In prefecture, make use of characteristic of this "narrowness of Hiroshima limitation",
We aim at SNS hot densely overflowing by topic concerning person, thing thing of Hiroshima!
In addition, as open memory, we performed special interview to band "unicorn" of Hiroshima origin.
Is special plan for a limited time, at first please look at from the following address once!

Daily publication we URL https://washira.jp


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