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Hiro Island unoccupied house bank website established o when "we do not see.".

We collected unoccupied house information in Hiroshima all together

Hiro Island unoccupied house bank website established o when "we do not see.".

Because profit of unoccupied house in the prefecture promoted inflecting in Hiroshima, we gathered information of unoccupied house which we sent originally so far in each prefecture municipality, and website to send clearly, Hiro island unoccupied house bank established o when "we do not see.".
In this site, utilization example of unoccupied house and "old folk house belonging to hearth" expand contents that are not available on websites of general unoccupied house bank such as pages where "house of interesting layout" introduces secret charm such as "house which can see the beautiful setting sun" to in blog form other than function that can search unoccupied house by municipalities distinction, distinction of buying and selling, lease, condition such as purchased amount.
Please inflect.

Main contents of unoccupied house bank information site

Hiro Island unoccupied house bank HP when "do not see."
※It is meaning of "... when we do not do ..." in Hiroshima dialect

Unoccupied house article search
Unoccupied house article information that received offer is placed by municipalities.
"Area," it is search items such as "old folk houses" "price range" "distinction of lease, buying and selling" "the sea is near" "island"

Utilization example
We introduce "unoccupied house" renovation example of immigrant, examples such as projects to repair old folk house which is "unoccupied house" in local community space

Hiroshima M real estate
Article introduction in blog form that they dug up secret charm of unoccupied house including house, and interviews such as local added with a view of house, the beautiful setting sun of old folk house, rare layout

The details are this